Treatment Options from an Oncology Treatment Center

If you have cancer, an oncology treatment center is a possible route towards remission. The branch of medicine known as oncology focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cancerous tumors. Our treatment center provides a large variety of options to irradiate tumors and attempt to stop cancer from advancing so you can return to your normal life.

Treatment options

There are several treatment options for cancer and the type of treatment a patient receives depends on the type of cancer he or she has. An oncologist will provide the patient will a full diagnosis that will include the type of cancer, the extent of cancer and possible treatment options. Some cancers will only require one treatment while others might require a combination of different treatments or a series of the same type of treatment.

#1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a well-known treatment for cancer. Traditionally, this treatment introduces chemo drugs into the body via IV in an attempt to prevent the cancer cells from dividing and reproducing. In some cases, people can take the medications orally. Chemotherapy prevents disease progression.

#2. Radiation

Radiation therapy is another type of cancer treatment that many often combine with other treatments. It uses high doses of radiation, focused at a certain area of the body to kill cancer cells. It can also shrink and obliterate tumors in certain situations.

#3. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy uses the body’s natural defense mechanisms to fight cancer by supplying the body with supplemental substances that are already in the body or imitation substances made in a laboratory. The imitation substances are like those the body uses to fight disease. This treatment essentially boosts the immune system and fighting power of the body.

#4. Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy may be a possible treatment option in cases of prostate or breast cancer. It reduces the hormones that the cancer is using to grow.

#5. Stem cells

Stem cell transplants are used to restore the body’s ability to make blood in patients who have had other types of cancer treatment that have destroyed their own stem cells.

#6. Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy and precision medicine are two newer forms of cancer treatment that can work with one another. These treatments are more customized to the individual patient and his or her body and its ability to fight cancer. These treatment options include the use of more specialized drugs that easily enter cells to destroy cancer within and antibodies that attach to the outer surface of cancer cells.

#7. Surgery

Surgical removal of the cancer is sometimes an option, but it is not always possible. The surgical removal depends entirely on the location and severity of cancer. This option is often an effective choice for skin cancer, breast cancer and tumor removal.

Learn more about these options

If you have a recent cancer diagnosis but you have yet to learn about the treatment options that might work for you, know there is hope for recovery with current medical treatment. An appointment at our office will lend you more insight into the advanced treatment options available to you. To learn more about getting rid of cancer in your body, schedule an appointment today with an oncology treatment center.

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